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Taking a break in 2024

currently in my sports mom era

Hey you! Welcome to Michaela Sayler Photography!! Take a look around and get to know me and some of my work!

I’m a sucker for natural light, and creating real, authentic moments rather than extremely posed, forced photos. I love telling stories through my photographs. My approach combines candid and posed photography into a beautiful, organic hybrid that is honest and raw. I do like to have a few classic posed photos but I mostly want you to have fun and relax while I capture the memories! 

let's have fun together!


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Seriously. I want your photo session to be as fun and stress free as possible! I can help you pick out outfits for the whole family, decide on a hairstyle for your senior session, or snuggle that newborn for a while just to give you a little break.  I want to capture YOU having FUN!  Easy + Relaxed is definitely my main goal!